Pranayama- Part 2

Kamalaya yoga teacher and mentor Jyoti follows-up on her previous video by demonstrating how to balance the energy you channeled after successfully controlling the flow of breath through your nostrils.


Practice pranayama breathing techniques designed to harness the energy from your breath and channel it throughout your entire body. Kamalaya mentor Jyoti will be your guide for this practical session that will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and more attuned with your inner-self.

Observing your Thoughts & Beliefs

Join our Life Enhancement Mentor Vanessa to explore how becoming a non-judgemental observer of your thoughts leads to greater mental spaciousness and a renewed sense of comfort and calm.

Exploring Happiness

We sat down with Kamalaya’s co-founder John Stewart to ask what happiness means to him and to discover which practices he uses to invite joy into his daily life.

Stress Relief & Sleep Enhancement

A guided body scan meditation designed to bring awareness to sensations of the body, relieving both physical and mental tension and supporting a deep and restful sleep.

Breath Awareness Meditation

Life Enhancement Mentor Harnoor guides us through a 30 minute pranayma session focusing on the Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril) technique to restore tranquility to the mind.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Life Enhancement Mentor Rajesh Ramani guides us in a loving kindness meditation to connect us with our essential human nature to be loving and caring and to restore a positive mind.

Positive Visualization Meditation

Life Enhancement Mentor Sujay guides us in a visualization meditation to promote positive perceptions, take us out of a mode of stress and re-establish balance of body and mind.

Vipassana Meditation

Life Enhancement Mentor Smitha guides us in nadi shodhana pranayamic breathing to cleanse and activate our energy meridians, followed by the ancient Buddhist practice of vipassana or ‘insight’ meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Join Life Enhancement Mentor Rajesh guided mindfulness meditation to ground us within our body and the present moment, restoring a sense of wellbeing and calm.