Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is fitness activities which are designed to facilitate the movements we perform during everyday life.

Improve Your Posture

Exercises to improve posture

If you suffer from rounded shoulders, or forward-neck posture, the chances are it may be caused by a muscular imbalance called Upper Crossed Syndrome. Our Physiotherapist Mic will be your guide for this simple sequence of exercises that can help improve Upper Crossed Syndrome.

Exercise at Home

Join our fitness trainer Benz for a gentle workout you can do at home. Benz will get your body moving with a comprehensive set of exercises using readily available props such as a resistance band and chair.

Sun & Moon Salutation

Sun & Moon Salutation

Yoga teacher Jyoti provides a detailed guide to the sun and moon salutation asana sequences; the sacred yogic prayers to solar and lunar forces.

Stretching at Home

Join our senior physiotherapist Khun Mic as he guides you through a sequence of simple stretches to improve flexibility, mobility and reduce muscle tightness.

Mobility of the Joints

Regardless of whether you prefer to practice ashtanga, hatha or slow flow vinyasa, it is best to begin any yoga session with Sukshma Vyayama.

Qi Gong with San Bao

Join Qi Gong master San Bao as he teaches a simple but enlivening Qi Gong lesson that is suitable for beginners.