By purchasing or enrolling in any online service on Kamalaya Connect, you agree to the below Terms & Conditions.


Availability of our services

All online consultation appointments and other services offered are subject to availability. However, we always endeavour to be flexible and accommodate customer requests. 


Business Hours

All consultations and other online services offered are done so within the local time zone in Thailand (you may use Bangkok time as a reference). Kamalaya Connect’s usual operating hours are from 08.30 am to 7:00 pm Thailand time. 


Provision of Services

Kamalaya Connect will do everything it reasonably can to ensure the delivery of the services it offers to its customers. However, Kamalaya Connect is not responsible for internet outages, connection speed, nor the quality of the video or audio being exchanged. Kamalaya Connect is not responsible for other technical issues, or additional service disruptions caused by third-party suppliers or applications such as Zoom (and others). Should an online session be disrupted for any of the reasons noted above (or other reasons not mentioned), the customer should contact Kamalaya Connect directly at connect@kamalaya.com. The Kamalaya Connect reservations team will then decide on the best course of action and reschedule the appointment to a mutually convenient time if necessary.


Refund Policy 

We regret that we do not currently offer refunds for the purchase of any of our online services. However, we do offer to convert the value of a cancelled session into a credit that can be used to purchase other services on Kamalaya Connect. Please note that if the session cancelled is part of a Wellness Program or pre-purchased packages of sessions, the value of such sessions is lower than the value of an individual session. This reduced value is because our Wellness Programs and packages offer multiple sessions at a discounted price. The cancellation of such a session or sessions will therefore be credited at the discounted price. 


Late Cancellations and No-Shows

A fifty per cent (50%) cancellation fee (based on the value of the session booked) will be charged to your account for cancellations that are made with less than four hours notice. The full cost of the cancelled session (100%) will be charged for no-shows and cancellations made with less than four hours notice.


Can I switch one consultation for another?

Guests are permitted to switch any service from their program to another service of their choice subject to the availability of the desired service. Please note that Kamalaya Connect’s Wellness Programs and packages of consultations carry a built-in discount, so cancellation of these consultations will result in a credit valued at the same discounted price. Guests may then be required to pay a top-up fee to secure the new service requested.